Pharmaceutical industry has invested more and more time (12.5 years averagely in a single drug) and resources (e.g. average US$2.58 billion of money per drug) in current drug R&D process. To lower the risk, many technologies have been devised to improve the individual problems (like drug safety) but the productivity of new drugs to market has not increased and development time and costs continue to rise. This is mainly due to a system-level problem existed between the drug discovery chemists and the development formulation scientists and a root cause solution for this system problem is extremely demanded.


Our revolutionary, ground-breaking drug delivery platform using micro/nano technology with simple&safe formulation tactics targeting the current system-level bottlenecks can easily save 3-5 years of timeline and half to a billion of total budget for a single drug program from initial compound screening to the final market launch.


Our team is very experienced, competent, and mature with multi-disciplinary experiences in micro/nano technology, medical device, pharma, health care, veterinary, biology, incubation, and financial management from the US, Japan, and Taiwan. The experience of our current team includes Directors/CEO in US/Taiwan pharma/startups, Elite Professor in NTU medical school, Professor in micro technology, quality/incubation manager, and financial manager in US firm.

Our members own a PhD in EE from USC (US), a PhD in ME from NCTU (Taiwan), a PhD in Oral Medicine from TMU (Taiwan), a DDS-PhD in dental from NTU (Taiwan) and TMDU (Japan), and a MBA from UC-Riverside (US).