True Controlled Release

  • True zero-order drug release control offers the best PK/PD testing results, highly valuable info for drug efficacy.

  • High quality efficacy data with the high probability reaching the market.

  • Save time for drug discovery comparing to traditional oral path

  • Proprietary pump technology for both testing animals and human

    • An implantable device capable of accurately controlling of true zero-order plasma concentration in small testing animals

    • A portable pump for precise drug injection with broad range of delivery rate control for human.

Preclinical Micropump

•Implantable animal device with less animal stress and better animal welfare

•Accurate and affordable pump with true controlled-release for best efficacy & safety testing data

•Small pump with large driving force to save time preparing protein samples and capable of delivering high viscosity biologics

Large Volume Injector

•Patient self administer for home care and long-term treatment

•Automatically large volume subcutaneous delivery

•Wearable pump with large force for high viscosity, concentrated biologics

Micro Linear Actuator

MicroMED has recently developed a novel microlinear actuator, the Primary Actuator™, targeting the unmet needs for the current autoinjector and wearable injector market. The device is specifically designed to drive primary containers, such as a prefilled syringe or cartridge. This small MEMS engine (a small but powerful MEMS microchip and micro-integrated control circuitry inside) can provide the injection force/speed for the most challenging specifications required by high-viscosity, large-volume biologics injections.