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With years of hands-on experience working with global leading clients, MicroMED has successfully transformed our innovative MEMS-enabled actuation technology into fully developed drug injection/infusion products. These products address emerging trends and unmet needs in subcutaneous and specialized drug delivery applications. They offer gentle, consistent, and powerful performance based on simple electrochemical principles and efficient energy transfer. The system enables precise control of flow rate and dose through linear or nonlinear actuation. Furthermore, the design is flexible and scalable, accommodating a wide range of dose volumes and viscosities. Additionally, it is both reusable and recyclable, while also capable of integrating connectivity features, allowing it to meet emerging sustainability and digitization/AI trends.

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Primary Actuator®

ISO 13485-certified/certifying product

MEMS Main Application

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In-development product

Primary Actuator (ISO 13485-certified/certifying product)
MedActuator (in-development product)
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